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Dead In the End
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Ordering a zine from the distro...

-print or write out this ORDER FORM
-Add up the price of each zine.
-Add up the total oz., and look at the chart below for shipping rates.
-Add up the zine total to the shipping total and that is the cost of your order.
-you can use stamps in place of postage price just make sure you send the right amount.
-make sure you include your shipping address with your order, and include your Email also, in case there is a problem.

Weight Rate
Postcard $0.23
1 oz $0.37
2 oz $0.60
3 oz $0.83
4 oz $1.06
5 oz $1.29
6 oz $1.52
7 oz $1.75
8 oz $1.98
9 oz $2.21
10 oz $2.44
11 oz $2.67
12 oz $2.90
13 oz $3.13

2. All you need to do is fill out this form-->ORDER FORM, print it out or write it out, and send it to the address given on the form. Now your done!! Any Questions?

Thnx for using D.I.E. as your Distro.