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Dead In the End
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DIE Classifieds

Want to advertise your 'zine, project, distro, band, etc.? Send me an e-mail or snail mail ad of what you would like to appear on this page. If you send me some ads for your ____(fill in the blank w/whatever your advertiseing), and I will send the ad with distro orders.

Various ads and such:

Cool Hand Zine Exchange
-this is a cool system that Arella started. Send her your old zines that you've already read, and get fresh new ones to read!! or

It is FREE to advertise in the DIE classifieds, you can advertise your zine/publication, your band's show updates, musician openings, basically anything. Banner ads are also now allowed. To advertise  here you must with:
-name of zine
-what issue
-date of last issue (If you've already made one)
-what your zine is about
-your info (Name, e-mail, web pg, location, etc.)
Band ads:
-Name of band
-what type of music
-opening needed or ir you in need of opening
-your info (Name, e-mail, web pg., location, etc.)

Thanks for you support!