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Dead In the End
-what's in DIE #1
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-what's in DIE #1
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D.I.E. JUST CAME OUT ON HALLOWEEN (my b-day :) You can get it in the distro.

Some article subjects included:

-Halloween-"A night when anything goes"
-Drunk Driving-"An every Day tragedy"
-Our president-"George "Dubya" Bush"
-Tips on Scamming-"Free Food at a Water Park or Theme Park"
-Corprate God-"MTV Get Off the Air!!"
-Jello Biafra-"Jello For President"
-Questioning Heaven-"I'm living in hell, is there a heaven?"
-Biography/tribute-"Darby Crash"
-creative.exotic. art from the soul of a punk, Andrew Octopus
-comic by Yul Tolbert
-and a couple of collages, and scribblings that I did
-Questioning my love connection-"Black Hole"
-Dreaming Memories-"Untitled"
-"The Big Ball"
-"Corporations of America"
-"Poem to my Mother"
-"Gays and Water Fountains"
-"All Pretty"
-"The Tone and the Hiss"
-"BOZO must die"
*There are also collages and other various things.
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