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ATTENTION: D.I.E. Distro will be closing for no more then a few months due to lacking of merchandise and time. It will reopen soon with an entire new stock full of shit!!! During this time, you can still order current 'zines but it is asked that you do not send any in for "consideration" yet. Thnx-October

Dead In the End Distro

Help Support D.I.E Distro and send in your zine, this is also supporting your zine!!!


Burnt zine #2, #3, #4, and #5 will be coming in shortly. Andrew Octopus's unique art zine has just arrived!!!, Visit Andrew's site --> for more.



D.I.E. zine #1
$1/3oz.half letter.46 pgs.
This is a zine. It is filled with subjects including religion, death, punk rock, DIY, weird art, politics, and rants, and opinions.


Create Me Free.Autumn issue
$2/38pgs.2.5oz.half letter size
Create me free is an organization supporting the unfairness in prisons across America. Kathryn does a great job of putting together poems, stories, art, essays, and whatnot that inmates and supporters have submitted to Create Me Free. There are a lot of very touching and thought provoking stories in this zine. I really enjoyed this and I hope you will too.


Deviant Technology Superstar
$.50/1oz.12 pgs.half letter
I am so lucky to have gotten a hold of this really creative and interesting zine done by Andrew Penland aka Andrew Octopus. His zine is erotic, obsessive,
and his style is so differant than most. It is fun to see his new ideas, and his creative thoughts that are displayed in this zine. With elements of science fiction, and unique art, this makes a perfect art zine. see his art----> and


I have a couple of zines in stock right now, but since this distro is brand new, there isn't many yet. If you have a personal.cut 'n paste.political.punk. or any zine or DIY project you'd like to submit to be distroed, send me a copy, of whatever it is you have, e-mail me with the following info.:
-send me a copy of your zine for consideration
-send a card with this info.: (on it along with the zine)
-Name of your zine
-what type of zine.
-What size the zine is. quarter.half.full page, what is the weight?
-approx. number of pgs. b&w or color?
-a brief descirption or your zine.
-your url (for zine if you have one) and e-mail
-a brief description of your self*
E-mail me with this info.
OTHER PROJECTS:(such as DIY projects. CD's.Viynl(punk please).mix tapes.zines on tape.etc.
-follow the same guidelines as "Zines", but replace as best suits your needs
-I am very interested in your DIY project/s, and would love to have a wide range of DIY products, so don't hesitate to contact me.