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I have just ordered new 'zines, and i am seeking handmade/D.I.Y. projects, zines, music, and whatever other shit you have to offer. Okay so...send it in god dammit!! -OI (October Insane)

- The following 'zines i have gotten in the mail as "'Zines for Consideration"; The Gulper#3, PTBH!#10, and the newest edition of Create Me Free. Since i just got "The Gulper #3" in the mail today, i will need to read through it, but by judging it's appearence and introduction i already like it. i have read through "PTBH! #10" and absoloutly love it! I am debating on whethor or not to get Create Me Free again because i didn't sell many of the last issue. But...i still love the zine, and i will still support the organization, even if i don't support it by distroing the 'zine. Anyways, this week some BOOTLEG PUNK VIDEOS will be appearing in the distro, along with other DIY keep your eye open.

-As you can see i have updated the appearance of the site. Due to the fact that I want this distro to be sucessful i have added a standard, a new zine added every month. I am looking for anarchist, political, punk, DIY, horror, opinion, personal, and other various INTERESTING zines. I was wondering if there is a zine devoted to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If there is I'd love to distro it. Yeah so if your a zinester, or know of zines that belong here, please mail me. I love to get mail, especially when it's in my P.O. Box (which is a new addition)...but Email is perfectly fine too. Anyways, please contact me...peace+unity-c/o OI (October Insane)

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(i know it said this zine was "free" but also having a distro is putting a whole in my pocket, so i readdy need the money)

D.I.E issue #1

Finally Out!!!

D.I.E is half sized, and 46 pgs. Send me your poetry, short stories, essays, artwork, ramblings, reviews, pictures or absolutely anything you want to share with the world for D.I.E.#2. Go to "D.I.E. Distro" to order this zine.

c/o October
P.O. Box 12469
Westminster, CA
  92685 U$A


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Okay, D.I.E. Distro will soon be getting in many new things, so bookmark it and check in next week!

Things D.I.E. Distro will soon have in:
-Rocky Horror Picture show fanzine
-Zines on horror and monster movies
-Zines on horror related topics
-Political/punk zines
DIY stuff: [Stuff i did DIM stuff (did it myself)]
-handmade patches
-handmade stationary paper

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