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Here's how to get distroed...

ATTENTION: D.I.E. Distro will be closing for no more then a few months due to lacking of merchandise and time. It will reopen soon with an entire new stock full of shit!!! During this time, you can still order current 'zines but it is asked that you do not send any in for "consideration" yet. Thnx-October

Hey. I'm glad you considering having your...well what ever you produce distroed here. New to the zine scene? Getting distroed is basically me selling your zine or project or music on this site.
This helps spread the word of your project. It is easier for you, and the people who may want your project.  So if you'd like D.I.E. Distro to distro your project, read the information below. If you agree, then fill out the form. P.S. I am very cleniant on the onsideration part.

Email address:
'zine or project Name:
Genre of and short description

How to be Distroed:
1. Fill out the form on the left, and then it is directly sent to me.
2. Once I recieve you form, and review it, I will contact you and confirm everything.
3. Send me a copy of the zine/s you wish to have me distro, so I can review it/them.
4. Once I read the zine/s you send, I will get back to you, and tell you if I'd like to distro your zine/s.
5. If I like it, I'll give you more information on how many zines to send me(for the distro).
6. Once you send me the copies I asked, I will send your payment* in full.
7. D.I.E. Distro is very open minded and  welcomes all sorts of things to be distroed. It is mainly a zine distro, but I am now welcoming not only zines but also diff. kinds of DIY projects, cds/records, comics, and other diff. types of creative things.
8. Just fill out the form on the left and that's it! Any questions?, your almost done, now just fill the form out below.

c/o October Insane
P.O. Box 11181
Westminster, CA
92685, U$A

Keep them coming!