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Dead In the End
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Hey this is all about the punk/political/art internet and paper far...

Hey there, I am behind the great piece of work, Dead in the End. Okay, so the distro carries less then 5 zines, so what? Two of the zines are not carried anywhere else...yet. D.I.E. Zine might find it's way to some other distros, maybe when the 2nd one comes out. But for now, its home is here. Anyways, D.I.E.#2 will be a little more political then the first, and hopefully be a hell of a lot better since i hav more knowing of what azine is now. If you got D.I.E.#1, i hope you like it, if you didn't...then go fuck a duck.


Hey I'm working on a tribute/bio on Sid Vicious of the SEx PIstols, I know basic facts about Sid but I'd love to know more for the article I'm working on. Please help me out by e-mailing me or IMing me. peace+unity-OctobeR


HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!